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My name is Brittany. I like data and adventures. Here I write about data. Maybe one day I’ll write about the adventures, but for now you’ll have to settle for the occasional feisty neural net. I’m originally from the southern peach state out east (Georgia), but I moved to San Francisco 2 years ago. I am passionate about healthcare, education, and public transit. I value curiosity, empathy, and grit. I could have pulled those values from a slogan (or a data science job posting), but I didn’t. I genuinely believe in those things and do my best to exemplify it. I write casually and (I hope) humorously in an effort to explain concepts in a digestible way. Learning should be fun. Let’s get smarter and make the world smarter.

Brittany Bowers

Hello and welcome to my brain. Please hold while my cost function opitimizes for the global minima of peak currated content. Sources of erroneous loss can be attributed to snowboarding injuries and transit-related memes

San Francisco, USA http://brittanybowers.com